SciArt on YouTube: 3blue1brown

This week I am a bit behind because of NON-BLOG writing (very exciting stuff. Full details next week). So I’ll use my blog post today to write briefly about somebody else whose work inspires me, rather than making something content heavy myself.

3blue1brown is one of my favorite YouTubers. His videos take a different approach to math education. Instead of teaching the raw mechanics of answering math questions that you’d find in a textbook, he offers a visually intuitive understanding of complex mathematical topics and problems. And the videos are incredibly relaxing as well.

Logo of eye iris with 3 quarters blue one quarter brown.
His fabulous logo, which I am unaffiliated with!

Truth be told, sometimes the math goes over my head a bit. I love math but his animations get pretty intense. But that’s part of the appeal. One can take it at whatever pace he or she needs.

We need STEM engagers like this. 3blue1brown delivers a delicate blend of RIGOROUS content and relaxing, satisfying visuals. There is no fudging in the mathematics themselves, but the videos are still worthwhile aesthetic experiences in their own right.

I might even go so far as to claim that 3blue1brown is a SCIARTIST in his own right. While he certainly doesn’t need my small following to help him (he has 1.7 million subscribers on Youtube), I still thought it’d be worth pointing him out on the off-chance somebody hasn’t seen his work. Enjoy!


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