Back to Bugs!

I think this is perhaps the first time in Artful Scientist history I have failed to publish on a Tuesday. Shame on me! No excuses! We shall see if today's post is any good given that I am SCRAMBLING to write it. In positive news, one of my favorite art/science hobbies is becoming possible again: … Continue reading Back to Bugs!


Technology and Design: Adobe Illustrator

This topic might do well for another little series. I have been thinking a great deal lately about how the role technology plays in two-dimensional design. This is mostly because I am highly interested in design, but don’t consider myself a very skilled draftsman. But technology allows me to be a designer without cultivating the … Continue reading Technology and Design: Adobe Illustrator

Technology and Art: Light

It’s Christmas! My manic insistence to write every single week outweighs my urge to take time off to be “festive” (the latest politically correct term from the UK), so Merry Christmas (or whatever other festive celebration you participate in). Christmastime always makes me think of light. And light, like much of everything, gets me thinking … Continue reading Technology and Art: Light