Reflections from Edinburgh Science Festival

It’s been a wild few weeks. I’ve barely been able to crank out weekly blog posts on top of everything else going on. While I look forward to creating some less-rushed content as we move into May, here’s one more week of scrambling to post. When I was hired to be a science communicator, I … Continue reading Reflections from Edinburgh Science Festival

Science Theatre Scratch Night

Page of illegible notes for Edinburgh Science Festival Science Theatre Scratch Night

Had the privilege of attending a fabulous event as part of the Edinburgh Science Festival (which, SURPRISE, I am also working for. See my badge below!): Science Theatre Scratch Night. I found it illuminating and inspiring. The evening consisted of six short performances about science across a range of theatrical styles. There were monologues, short … Continue reading Science Theatre Scratch Night

Microbiology Stories and a Science Comic

I think what drew me to science was never data, figures, or facts. I always like the stories. That’s certainly how I ended up in biology. Though I’ve come to realize there are stories to be told in any area of science, biology particularly lends itself to narrative conceptualization. Species and organisms are characters. The … Continue reading Microbiology Stories and a Science Comic