Microbiology Stories and a Science Comic

I think what drew me to science was never data, figures, or facts. I always like the stories. That’s certainly how I ended up in biology. Though I’ve come to realize there are stories to be told in any area of science, biology particularly lends itself to narrative conceptualization. Species and organisms are characters. The … Continue reading Microbiology Stories and a Science Comic

Revisiting the Natural History Museum

White image of a fly in high level of detail on a black background

I remain in awe of the museums in London. I specifically chose Edinburgh to study Science Communication because of the great culture of SciComm in this city, and I am delighted overall to be living here. But I can’t help but visit London every now and again because there is something special there in terms … Continue reading Revisiting the Natural History Museum

SciArtist Profile: John James Audubon

Oil painting of John James Audubon holding a gun strapped to his body

One of the finest illustrators of the 19th century and an exhaustive researcher, John James Audubon made his mark across disciplines with his work on birds. He identified 25 new species of bird in his lifetime, and his major work, a color-plate book entitled The Birds of America, is considered one of the finest ornithological works … Continue reading SciArtist Profile: John James Audubon

Technology and Design: Adobe Illustrator

This topic might do well for another little series. I have been thinking a great deal lately about how the role technology plays in two-dimensional design. This is mostly because I am highly interested in design, but don’t consider myself a very skilled draftsman. But technology allows me to be a designer without cultivating the … Continue reading Technology and Design: Adobe Illustrator

Science of Painting: Acrylic Paint and the Environment

Another entry in my science of painting series. Today’s post is about what I consider to be unequivocally the most diverse material for creating traditional paintings: Acrylic paint. One would think that the answer would be oil paint, but with the vast range of mediums and additives available for acrylic paint, my own opinion has … Continue reading Science of Painting: Acrylic Paint and the Environment

Skin Wars: or Writing for Others -A COPOUT POST

As the title suggests... I have failed to write a new post this week. However, I was just recently published online on a very 'Artful Scientist' type topic. This is for EUSci, a science-themed publication on campus at University of Edinburgh. The link to my article can be found below: http://eusci.org.uk/2019/01/28/skin-wars-body-painting-fights-insects-and-disease/?utm_campaign=shareaholic&utm_medium=facebook&utm_source=socialnetwork&fbclid=IwAR1pM1OsarxoQTdPNAo68Pe6bqhh1qVCpp9hT01fZoT8PM2sa1EnPBTATsQ Here's the actual copy. … Continue reading Skin Wars: or Writing for Others -A COPOUT POST