Thomas Kuhn and the Art Science Paradigm

“For many centuries, both in antiquity and again in early modern Europe, painting was regarded as the cumulative discipline. During those years the artist’s goal was assumed to be representation. Critics and historians, like Pliny and Vasari, then recorded with veneration the series of inventions from foreshortening through chiaroscuro that had made possible successively more … Continue reading Thomas Kuhn and the Art Science Paradigm

SciArt on YouTube: 3blue1brown

This week I am a bit behind because of NON-BLOG writing (very exciting stuff. Full details next week). So I’ll use my blog post today to write briefly about somebody else whose work inspires me, rather than making something content heavy myself. 3blue1brown is one of my favorite YouTubers. His videos take a different approach … Continue reading SciArt on YouTube: 3blue1brown

Skin Wars: or Writing for Others -A COPOUT POST

As the title suggests... I have failed to write a new post this week. However, I was just recently published online on a very 'Artful Scientist' type topic. This is for EUSci, a science-themed publication on campus at University of Edinburgh. The link to my article can be found below: Here's the actual copy. … Continue reading Skin Wars: or Writing for Others -A COPOUT POST

Glass: The Earliest Materials Engineering

Today, materials engineers are exploring sophisticated polymers, alloys, and nanomaterials, but don’t be fooled. Materials engineering is an ancient discipline. Since the earliest humans in the Stone Age found the first shards of obsidian (volcanic glass), the material has been useful and fascinating to us, and we have sought methods to make it ourselves. In … Continue reading Glass: The Earliest Materials Engineering