Some Frustrating Tweets

In conjunction with my blogging, I’ve taken to Twitter over the past few months. I’m not devoting too much energy to it, but it’s a nice exercise in social media skills, which seem to have become essential in the modern work world. The other nice thing about Twitter is that it is a science communication … Continue reading Some Frustrating Tweets


A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: The Art of Scientific Figures

A simple bar graph with blue and orange bars demonstrating efficacy of two drugs, A and B.

Today's post is a special one. For the first time EVER on Artful Scientist, I am featuring a GUEST BLOGGER. the following was written by Danny Ward, a PhD researcher at the John Innes Centre/University of East Anglia in Norwich. His research focuses on human and bacterial pathogens. He is also an aspiring science writer … Continue reading A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: The Art of Scientific Figures

The Science of Painting: Oil Paint and the Environment

Painting of blue and red ribbon like structures on a red and green background.

My last "Science of Paint" post was on acrylic paint and its environmental impact. In that post, I promised to later write something about the environmental pros and cons of oil paint. And here I am! One major plus side to oil paint from an environmental standpoint is that much of the paint is made … Continue reading The Science of Painting: Oil Paint and the Environment

Science Theatre Scratch Night TWO: This Time it’s Personal!

As one might surmise from the way I’ve titled this post, I am very excited about today’s topic! Yesterday I had the privilege to hear my work read by a professional for a very first time as part of the Traverse Theatre’s Young Writers Scratch Night. For ten weeks I’ve attended weekly workshops with various … Continue reading Science Theatre Scratch Night TWO: This Time it’s Personal!

SciArt on YouTube: 3blue1brown

This week I am a bit behind because of NON-BLOG writing (very exciting stuff. Full details next week). So I’ll use my blog post today to write briefly about somebody else whose work inspires me, rather than making something content heavy myself. 3blue1brown is one of my favorite YouTubers. His videos take a different approach … Continue reading SciArt on YouTube: 3blue1brown

Science Theatre Scratch Night

Page of illegible notes for Edinburgh Science Festival Science Theatre Scratch Night

Had the privilege of attending a fabulous event as part of the Edinburgh Science Festival (which, SURPRISE, I am also working for. See my badge below!): Science Theatre Scratch Night. I found it illuminating and inspiring. The evening consisted of six short performances about science across a range of theatrical styles. There were monologues, short … Continue reading Science Theatre Scratch Night

Microbiology Stories and a Science Comic

I think what drew me to science was never data, figures, or facts. I always like the stories. That’s certainly how I ended up in biology. Though I’ve come to realize there are stories to be told in any area of science, biology particularly lends itself to narrative conceptualization. Species and organisms are characters. The … Continue reading Microbiology Stories and a Science Comic